13 852 I (1 Hr. solfeggio brow chakra, 3rd eye, isochronic, solfeggio dream alarm)

Dipublikasikan pada 21 Sep 2012
13Hz – Associated with Brow/Ajna chakra which is connected to the 3rd eye.
852Hz – Solfeggio LA, Brow/Ajna chakra, returning to spiritual order, unconditional love.

You can meditate to this video alone for balancing the 6th (brow) chakra and opening the third eye.

This same isochronic beat is used as a dream alarm in other videos. So you can also use this video in conjunction with lucid dreaming videos that use this beat as a dream alarm. It opens your 3rd eye while you dream.

When using this video in conjunction with a lucid dreaming video, listen to this video and set your intentions on becoming lucid, when you hear this beat while dreaming.

Whether you use it to balance your brow chakra or as a dream alarm please enjoy:)


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