X-Ray Goggles

X-Ray Goggles

In order to use the goggles, you need to have JavaScript enabled.

Please enable it or use a browser that supports it.

Sorry, but the goggles don’t yet work on Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Until they do, please use the latest version of Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari.

Make your first hack in three easy steps!

  1. Copy this URL to your clipboard:

  2. Activate the X-Ray Goggles.

  3. Move your mouse over the image on the right to see what it’s made of, and tap R to make it point to the URL from your clipboard!

… And then, the world!

Install the goggles into your bookmarks bar and use them to remix any web page!

Share with friends!

Tap P to publish your hacks and share your creations with your friends.

Become a ninja!

Tap H to learn about more awesome powers like undo/redo and computed style editing.

Achievement Unlocked

Image Source Hacker

Click on an attribute’s value to edit it.

Tap R to change the source code of an element.

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