Share Pages Using Photos


Turn Any Photo Into a Sharing Tool

Increase sharing and traffic by turning any photo into a tool to share your page. With just a short bit of Javascript and HTML code, you can overlay a sharing menu on any image.


Here’s the javascript code that you’ll need to add to your webpage. Add services_overlay to addthis_config with the services you wish to include in your image menus. Be sure to replace [YOUR PROFILE ID HERE] in the addthis_widget.js inclusion.

var addthis_config = {     
<script type="text/javascript" src="[YOUR PROFILE ID HERE]"></script>                            


This is the HTML portion of the code. It can be added to as many images as you want.


So that any image element you wish to add the sharing menu to will look like:

     <img class="addthis_shareable" src="">

Some options to change the sharing functionality of the menu. Only the CSS class is required.
Name Description
class="addthis_shareable" *Required* for any image to have the overlay
addthis:url Defines the URL of the image or page you wish to share.
addthis:title Defines the title of the image or page you wish to share

With all of the options:

     <img class="addthis_shareable" src="" addthis:url="" addthis:title="My Example Photos Page" >



Simple Menu

Share Using Any Photo

You can overlay sharing menus on any image large enough to display the menu you define. You can even overlay your sharing menu on a <div>!

Friendly Expanded Menu

Share Pages Anywhere

When your visitors hover over your photo, they’ll see the menu you defined, which can include any of over 350 sharing services from all over the world.

More AddThis Menu Enhancements

Simple Menu

Simple Menu

The new sharing menu is designed to be streamlined and fit seamlessly into your site. The menu optimizes the presentation of service to maximize sharing.

Friendly Expanded Menu

Friendly Expanded Menu

We have made it even easier for your visitors to find their favorite places to share.

Updated Email Form

Updated Email Form

Completely redesigned email form that makes it easy for your visitors to share their favorite content with their friends via email.

Share Counter 2.0

Updated Share Counter

At AddThis, details matter. We’ve tweaked our share counter to look great with other popular counters like Facebook Like and Google +1.



We’ve given our settings page a refresh where your visitors can personalize the places to which they love to share.

And more...

And more…

As always, the new tools continue to support over 70 languages, 300+ services, and the great analytics we offer today.


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